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More changes on the way, maybe

puppet set

After my first two months in Los Angeles I was happy with the parts I was getting. It was a bit of everything, including roles in infomercials, soap operas, acting clinics, and a couple of movies. It was during one of those movies, where a director approached me and told me something I didn’t see… Read More

The Road to Hollywood


As you can imagine, every actor’s and and actress’ dream is to be famous and win the big bucks one day. And the way to do that, if you are focused on acting in movies, is to make it someday into Hollywood. Being from my East Coast state doesn’t help the cause if you are looking to… Read More

Financial Tips For Travel Nurses

Travel nursing is a unique profession. These nurses travel around the country and live a remote area or city for months at a time while they work a healthcare facility that is suffering from a nursing labor shortage. Many of their assignments last anywhere from three to six months. Therefore, when their assignments are up,… Read More

Arriving Ready to Work After Long Travel


Whatever industry you’re in, whether you’re an actor, doctor, teacher or office personnel, it’s important to take a break and reward yourself once in a while. Traveling is a fantastic way to relieve the stress from your day-to-day work. This will revitalize your energy and give the relaxation and fun that you need. When going… Read More

Medical Marijuana in Los Angeles


California, being one of the most progressive states in the United States, has massed the medical marijuana legalization bill almost two decades ago. It was during the time when most other states have not even started talking about it. Until now, marijuana legalization is still controversial in many states. Federal ruling in regards to its… Read More